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Industry standard

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GB_T_31486-2015_8330 电动汽车用动力蓄电池电性能要求与试验方法1706.50 k2016.09.16
GB_T_31485-2015_9293 电动汽车用动力蓄电池安全要求及试验方法1662.00 k2016.09.16
GB_T_31484-2015_7436 电动汽车用动力蓄电池循环寿命要求与试验方法2090.00 k2016.09.16
GB_T 31467.3-2015 电动汽车用锂离子动力蓄电池包和系统 第3部分:安全性要求与测试方法3298.00 k2016.09.16
GB_T 31467.2-2015 电动汽车用锂离子动力蓄电池包和系统 第2部分:高能量应用测试规程3040.50 k2016.01.12
GB_T 31467.1-2015 电动汽车用锂离子动力蓄电池包和系统 第1部分:高功率应用测试规程3106.35 k2016.01.12

Advanced technology

With many professional experienced specialist, Wuxi Pajie grasped many own core technologies such as product configuration, refrigeration, calefaction, electric control, etc. The continuous innovation spirit ensures the best products.


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